Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Works In Progress—Scratchboard and Linocut

It should be Life Drawing Tuesday, but the image I wanted to post isn’t quite ready yet; it requires some finishing, so instead, some WIP’s.  I’ve decided I’ve been frittering away too much time on the computer on my art days,but I never have a clue as to exactly how much time. It’s just a stretch break, right? Oh, well, I had to pee, so might as well check my email while I’m at it, right? Jeepers, I’m stuck for ideas, maybe I should surf the web to see if something jogs my creativity, just a few moments, right?
Well, I have no CLUE what it all adds up to, and by the end of the day, I feel disheartened about all the time I wasted.
SOOOOOO… this morning, I DID NOT TURN ON THE COMPUTER.  I left it dark, cold and dead. And then I sat at my chair and settled in for some serious bum-time.  Two hours turned into four turned into six.
I learned two things. A) I get more done without the computer to distract me (duh!) B) Making art does take serious bum time, and clearly I hadn’t been wasting quite as much time at the PC as I had accused myself of doing.  It’s not like I finished seven masterpieces in the space of a day. In fact, the scratchboard work is 5x7, and, well, you can see how far I got, and I still intend to paint in colour when I’m done scritching and scratching. But I am much happier, knowing that I spent most of my day making art, rather than staring at a screen.
close-up-linocut1  close-up-linocut2
These are macro close-ups of my latest linocut. Another Work In Progress.
Enough for now. I still have chores to do.


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

You know, I think you are a sculptor. I love the texture of the linocut and can imagine it in wood. Wow... Good for you. I have been on the computer way too much!

kaslkaos said...

I too love those textures. If I had a kiln I would make pressings with clay to wear. I've done it with 'sculpy' but the result is not durable enough for the way I wear jewelry.
I'm trying to ration pc time. We will see.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i am the first to admit i am addicted to a computer, but with so much college work to do i have been trying to resist using it so much :p

loe the close ups :D works of art on their own


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