Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life Drawing Tuesday

12112701george-male-nude-life-drawingthirty minute sketch on kraft paper with coloured pencils
So maybe by now you wonder, what does she do with all these drawings of nude people. Well, most of them end up in the recycling bin, which is fine, because it’s only paper.  And why does she draw nude people? Mostly it’s practice, practice practice and nobody ever spends too much time practicing.
When I’m at life drawing, I get to stretch artistically. I know that most goes into the bin, and that I’m there to practice and learn (although I love the moments when something good happens) and try things. Like colour combinations. I love colour. Here I use a  ‘black cherry’ Prismacolor pencil, one of my favourite darks for sketching, with yellow ochre, bright blue and white prismacolor sticks.  I’m also stretching from my usual small sized work to paper that is 18” x 15”, and, because it’s kraft paper, I also have neutral beige background and so get to add in highlights with white, which is quite different from reserving the whites as one must on white paper. But the real surprise was the way that blue colour stick just pops on the beige paper. Wow!  so that was my thrill for the evening.
12112702one-minute-life-drawingsHere’s some of the one minute sketches. I love the one-minutes, and often wish I could maintain that freshness for the longer poses. Partly, it’s the poses, as a model can be much more dynamic in the short poses, but I also get way to ‘careful’ about what I’m doing when I have more time.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i wish we did more quick poses at college, makes you not focus on all the little details when drawing.

kaslkaos said...

The quickies are wonderful. We always start with a warm-up of at least five ones, and five twos before moving on.


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