Sunday, December 9, 2012

PPS. ***AMENDMENT*** on Oven Dried Prints

12120601soltice72detail  A ‘no spoiler’ detail, of my rescued print.
On the last post, I proudly crowed my ingenuity on using the oven to dry my prints, and then made a quick amendment when I realized the waxed paper had left random spots on the pages.
But, there was NO WAY that I would turf hours of painful work (hand-rubbed, I ended up with a finger-ache!).  So once again, my absolute genius came to the rescue. I thought, if you make a little mistake, it looks like—wait for it—a mistake. What if I turned that little mistake (random soft blotches) into a big all over mistake?  Will it look like I did it on purpose?  So I brought out the iron, and the waxed paper, and then I crinkled the wax paper and ironed the crinkled paper onto the print, and got, YAY, a lovely (mostly) frosty pattern overlay (as above).  While I wish I had not pulled such a stunt, I am not entirely regretful. Some are better than others. A few of you, who are on my mailing list, may have received my previous ‘un-waxed’ prints, and others of you will get to snicker and laugh and hopefully enjoy the ‘frost patterns’ on the page. I may, someday, even do it all over again on purpose.

In case you missed it: here’s the amendment from my first post on oven dried prints
Um, oops, and DUH!!! Wax paper+heat??? What was I thinking? Of course, my lovely prints now have spots. So don't be stupid (unlike moi) and DON'T USE WAX PAPER AS A PROTECTIVE SHEET IF YOU ARE HEAT DRYING YOUR PRINTS. DUH!!!


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

its a neat effect tho, so one of those happy accidents

kaslkaos said...

Thanks, yep, I like them. I deliberately did NOT want to send monoprints this year, but the wax frosties turned them into exactly that.


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