Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tree of Life–Gelatin Print Mixed Media

12121101tree-of-life72cDetails (above and below) of Tree of Life, Gelatin Print Mixed Media with graphite and coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper.
And here’s the whole thing, size clocks in at a whopping 5x7 inches, so it definitely classifies as miniature art. I needed my trusty reading glasses, and talk about putting one’s nose into the work.  12121101tree-of-life72
Tree of Life began as a very soft gelatin print that I put aside during my 'bacteria' series. I loved the details, but it needed a delicate hand to turn it into a finished piece. I finally braved those waters using a fine-point technical pencil. I was fondly amused to see what popped up onto the surface, and we won't talk about that, will we?  But I named it Tree of Life as for me it brings to mind the whole seething pool procreation from the beginning of evolution and proverbial primordial soup to the end of it as I insist that that creature with the multiple eyeballs is a result of something brewed from toxic waste. 
As for the snakes, I like snakes, so it’s an element that will certainly shift with the viewer, as symbolically they are quite versatile. And no, I had nothing specific in mind, as I like to work from thoughts below the surface and do not attempt to push a point a theme.
I posted this one to fineartamerica if you want to play with close-ups.

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