Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Extreme-Close-ups Miniature Gelatin Prints

I’m always getting my nose in my art (not literally, but sometimes there’s less than an inch to spare), and I have to don reading glasses to do that (before I need them for reading). I often get lost in the details, something that is sometimes a bane for composition, but hopefully, experience has grappled that into control. So today I’ll indulge in sharing some extreme close-ups of two works of art.
This is a mermaid, atc-sized, 3.5”x2.5”. I’ve scanned it at 600dpi so that I could show off it’s best features.  Much of the subtle details come from layers of gelatin monoprints using glassware and sprays of water to put ‘random’ textures into the ink. I’ve followed up with picking up details in two tones of coloured pencil, and a sepia fine-liner pen.  A mermaid appeared, a fishy snaky eel-like mermaid, a far cry from the large breasted doe-eyed fantasy version. I’m fascinated by these fish-women, likely due to my own affinity for water whether exploring a lakeshore from a piscine vantage in summer, or gliding across it’s frozen surface in winter.
13012401kelp-mermaid-gelatin-print-aceo72aHere is all of her. I’m pretty sure the sea-weeds are largely inspired by my first and only trip to the Atlantic Ocean last fall.
13012401kelp-mermaid-gelatin-print-aceo72b  13012401kelp-mermaid-gelatin-print-aceo72c
On my last post, I used “You Have a Beautiful Hand” as an illustration for a personal story. This is appropriate, because art IS personal.  But I decided to save the extreme-close-ups for later (as in, now)
At this magnification, the raised texture and sparkle of the gold pen detail becomes apparent.
It almost looks yummy.
Here, the top layer is magenta coloured pencil, below is a layer of egg yellow gelatin monoprint, and the blue comes from pressing an inscribed foam plate onto gelatin that has been inked in blue. The foam plate ‘lifts’ the blue and leaves a solid inscription behind.
Thanks for letting me indulge in the sensuality of colour and form with extreme close-ups.
Yes, I’ve popped them up on Etsy for sale, linked below
Mermaid in the Kelp
You Have a Beautiful Hand


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love seeing all the detail :D so cool seeing all the textures

when ever i think of mermaids i think of this song http://youtu.be/ihEew4v1xyc

kaslkaos said...

Ha! Finally got to the song. Thanks!


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