Friday, January 11, 2013

Five Snakes on the Way—Gelatin Monoprints and Relief Linocut

13011105year-of-the-snake72 (this one was a two colour monoprint, yellow below, followed by red roll-out textured with kirigami (folded and cut) waxed paper)
Here they are, the five best of eight gelatin and relief linocut monoprints. They are all done on 8”x10” Stonehenge paper. In other years, I confess, I was stingy and held back my favourite, because with monoprints, there is ALWAYS a favourite.  This year, I decided to satisfy myself with keeping a good 300dpi scan of each, and showing them off on the blog.
13011104year-of-the-snake72 (this gelatin monoprint done by redistributing rolled out ink with my favourite textured glassware)
13011103year-of-the-snake72   13011101year-of-the-snake72
These gelatin prints  (above and below) done in multiple thin colour layers. Much of the texture comes from my doodled foam plates. The foam lifts ink off of the gelatin leaving the doodles to show up as darker ink.
They will all be available for sale (along with a whole bunch of other fabulous snakes) at Proof Studio Gallery in February, for their annual “Year of ….” Exhibition and Exchange. Thereafter, they travel to OCADU (Ontario College of Art and Design), Ottawa School of Art and Muskoka Art Place Gallery.
The snakes progress from rough sketch to finished art is the most documented ever! So here goes,
[12112705graphite-line-drawing%255B8%255D.jpg] <—the very beginning of the snake project (an impromptu EUREKA sketch)
Graphic Design from Low Tech to High Tech with Gimp (working up, resizing, and compositional adjustments using digital tools)
Gelatin Printmaking-a little tutorial and fresh jellies (tutorial and the recipe for the gelatin monoprints, and pics of the monoprints sans snakes)


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

LOVE the colours :D they have a very oriental look to them as well

kaslkaos said...

Thanks. And I was sort of going for that look.


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