Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mont Tremblant and a new kind of trip diary

a1mont-tremlbantEntering Mont Tremblant village. 
I had a little winter holiday, an unexpected luxury. Usually we camp and do everything on the cheap, but my husband won a travel voucher, so for four nights we lived like the rich in a hotel suite complete with kitchen, living room and a separate bedroom. I almost felt sorry for the family of five squeezed into the lozenge shaped 2 bed sliver next door.
After a six and a half hour stint in the car, our first stop was the outdoor skating rink.
IMG_5664 I used to write elaborate diary entries on my holidays. Then I planned to write elaborate trip diaries, but never got around to actually doing it. This time around, I tried the ‘kiss’ principle (keep it simple stupid!) and brought along the tiniest of sketch books and a pencil.  I managed 3 entries in 4 nights, a pretty good ratio. Better yet, I feel I captured memories more succinctly (<—whoot! didn’t even need spell check for that word) than I would have with long-winded typed passages)
IMG_5665This is an x-ray diagram of my low-budget ski attire. I simply take ‘dress in layers’ to an extreme.
a3mont-tremblant-parkMont Tremblant National Park where we went cross-country skiing.

More later, or if I get lazy, I will upload to facebook.

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love the layer sketch :D and with the temperature i have been hearing most of canada has been getting this week, you need lots of layers


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