Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sunset on the Edge of Town--foam plate monoprint

13012901sunset-edge-town72bextreme close-up of foam-plate print
I’m still digging through my piles of art, and found 2 foam plate prints I did last year. This one, I love ‘as is’. It is finished, complete.
13012901sunset-edge-town72aanother extreme close-up showing the ‘ragged edge’ of the black acrylic under painting. I save ‘ragged edges’ from Stonehenge paper and use them as ‘stencils’ for the under paintings of these polystyrene prints.
And the whole thing, titled Sunset on the Edge of Town, reminiscent of my view of Scarborough and Toronto from the Oakridges Moraine. Available for sale at Etsy


1 comment:

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i love the colours and the textures left from the plate :)


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