Thursday, February 7, 2013

Aspen—Very Miniature Art, Mixed-Media

When is a print not a print? This is a question that is often on my mind when I ‘finish’ things with pens and pencils and tiny brushes.  How many strokes of a pen before a monoprint should be re-classified as ‘mixed-media’? It may not be an important question for the art, but it becomes important if I want to submit something in a venue exclusive to ‘print media’. In that case, I really need to know the answer, as lately, more often than not, I make further developments away from the print studio and at my desk.
This one pretty clearly (at least to me) should be mixed media, as the majority of it’s impact comes from ink and pencils.  On my other works, it’s not clear at all, as often it is the ‘print’ underneath that dictates everything that comes after. But then, this one developed exactly like that, starting with a tiny leaf in delicate tones of buff, oyster and moss.
This one is travelling to a new home in the USA, and all that remains is memories and jpegs…it’s an Artist Trading Card, and very tiny.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Skating on Musselman’s Lake—Photo Essay

For those of you who join me on facebook, you already know I’ve been gliding across the entire surface of Musselman’s Lake for the past few days.  Ice is my winter consolation prize in this new world of climate change. In the past, deep snow and great cross-country ski conditions was simply expected, now it is something I deeply wish for, reminisce about, but don’t always get. This latest batch of the blackest of black ice came after a day 15 Celsius temperatures. Others basked in the obvious effects of our increasingly polluted world, me, I just realize I now inhabit the world of numerous dystopian sci-fi worlds that I read about years ago. Weird weather.
But adapt and change is what we do when we have no other options, so I’ll enjoy the ice while I can. Here’s some pics.
Someone’s boat house.
Black ice turns Musselmans Lake into a skaters paradise if you can stomach looking down into the deeps, not to mention the groaning and cracking of the ice. It’s about a 12” here: it’s easy to gauge ice depth when you can see through it.
I present this, because a) how in heck??? and b) I have the urge to title it The Odyssey, although this one ends rather badly, possibly better titled Franklin Expedition.

We now have snow on the lake, but look below, there's still no need to confine skating to a self-made box.
See the tracks, that’s me and others, gliding through the snow on skates bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun.
Last night, I left my marks for all to see, and then fade away.
PS. if you haven’t already, you are welcome to join me on facebook, I’ll friend anyone who doesn’t smell like spam.  ;-)
And if you want to see my RED HAT and FAVOURITE hat, that I’ve been told resembles a gigantic fishing lure, that’s were you’ll have to go, unless you catch me in person, skating on the lake.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Early Snow—foam plate monoprint

13013101early-snow72bextreme close-up of a foam-plate monoprint
Here’s another one from the bottom of the basement studio pile. This one, however, needed a little addition.  It was brilliantly coloured up close, but step away, and it dissappeared into a buff mass.  This time, I chose to ‘dry-brush’ in the the ‘snow’ with white gouache. I stroked the brush horizontally across the image, and it picked up the texture of the monoprint beneath.
13013101early-snow72aHere’s all of it, including the full page that it’s painted and printed on. The paper was painted in sepia acrylic, then monoprinted with multiple layers from a foam plate.
I can’t resist another close-up.
Available for sale on Etsy.


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