Thursday, February 7, 2013

Aspen—Very Miniature Art, Mixed-Media

When is a print not a print? This is a question that is often on my mind when I ‘finish’ things with pens and pencils and tiny brushes.  How many strokes of a pen before a monoprint should be re-classified as ‘mixed-media’? It may not be an important question for the art, but it becomes important if I want to submit something in a venue exclusive to ‘print media’. In that case, I really need to know the answer, as lately, more often than not, I make further developments away from the print studio and at my desk.
This one pretty clearly (at least to me) should be mixed media, as the majority of it’s impact comes from ink and pencils.  On my other works, it’s not clear at all, as often it is the ‘print’ underneath that dictates everything that comes after. But then, this one developed exactly like that, starting with a tiny leaf in delicate tones of buff, oyster and moss.
This one is travelling to a new home in the USA, and all that remains is memories and jpegs…it’s an Artist Trading Card, and very tiny.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

we were having a talk in life drawing class about what is a painting and a drawing? its actually hard to pin down. use my inktense pencils as an example; you use them to draw, but then you wet them down to paint. so what is the final work?

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

:p was just a random question, doesn't really have an answer i guess

kaslkaos said...

Oooh! Ooh! Oooh! (sitting in class, holding hand up)... that's a question I wrestle with.
Pastel artists answered it a long time ago, works in pastel are called 'paintings'. I label some of my cp's paintings without (almost) reservation. But, yes, when it comes to say, a submission to a media limited competion, hmmmmm....then you need to know what other people think...not a random question, but yep, will generate lots of random answers!
(sorry for being wordy, well, sort of)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

lol not wordy at all.
it does become a problem with a media limited competition, but i try to avoid them so i dont have to think about it :p


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