Saturday, February 2, 2013

Early Snow—foam plate monoprint

13013101early-snow72bextreme close-up of a foam-plate monoprint
Here’s another one from the bottom of the basement studio pile. This one, however, needed a little addition.  It was brilliantly coloured up close, but step away, and it dissappeared into a buff mass.  This time, I chose to ‘dry-brush’ in the the ‘snow’ with white gouache. I stroked the brush horizontally across the image, and it picked up the texture of the monoprint beneath.
13013101early-snow72aHere’s all of it, including the full page that it’s painted and printed on. The paper was painted in sepia acrylic, then monoprinted with multiple layers from a foam plate.
I can’t resist another close-up.
Available for sale on Etsy.

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