Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ghost Prints—Gelatin Printmaking tutorial

13031202sweet-siamese-ghost-print72    13031201sweet-siamese-monoprint-cat72
Gelatin Printmaking and Ghost Prints are almost synonymous.  A ghost print is the image created when you (without re-inking the plate) pull/press a second image off the the plate.  While both prints are multiple overlapping layers, the pale (lavender veined) leaves on the left are the ‘ghost print’ of the purple and tawny leaves on the right. If you look at the positive leaf images only, you will see that they are same.
However, the negative space (tawny) of the image on the left is actually one of the first pulls, where the plate was inked in brown, leaves laid down, and paper pressed on top, leaving leaf shaped silhouettes and a tawny background. 
The image on the right was pulled next, after removing the all the leaves.
Then, I printed onto the right-hand image the ghost print of the leaves.
If you are determined to figure this out in a very left-brained fashion, it can all seem very complicated, but, the best way to do things, is to start several prints at once (6 to 10) and then keep changing colours and adding layers.
The dark browns were added last. The leaves are fucshia’s over-wintered from my garden, and the cats are polystyrene (foam plates)
Last layer (dark brown) on the left were printed first on the gelation, and then paper was pressed onto the gelatin.
Dark browns on the right were printed directly from plate (or leaf) onto the paper.
Sweet Siamese Ghost Print (image on the left) is available at Etsy.
Sweet Siamese SOLD (image on the right), you can still view if you want to see more details.
On a personal note: yes, I still miss him, I really really really do. Pouring that sadness and longing into a pretty little image brought tears to my eyes, and its a sale I had some mixed feelings about. But, unlike cats, I can do another, similar, but never the same. Then again, maybe that is like cats. For now, the only siamese in my life will be on paper.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

:( :( :( so sad when they are gone, leave such a big hole in your heart :(

(very nice prints tho)

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I love these miniature prints. The craftsmanship and artistry are so gorgeous. What a wonderful way to remember them!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer and Michelle. Sorry I'm sooooo slow.


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