Friday, March 1, 2013


I AM A CREATIVE INDIVIDUAL. This was the opening statement from one of the art class participants when he joined our group. It was loud, and imperative. Let’s call him Harvey.
I volunteer at a Long Term Care Facility (aka public Nursing Home), and some local artists have put a drawing program together.  I help out. I wish I could post some of their work, but there are privacy issues (at this point, I don’t even ask, I just assume).  So I’ll have to post my own, and this one is inspired by Harvey with his strident attitude and memorable profile. 
His statement is a powerful one; it intensely highlights one of the primary drives to make art.  The fact that he felt the need to make that statement speaks to all of our secret fears, that we are, after all, one amoung many and not that special after all.
Where I volunteer, the staff are kind and affectionate, but it is still an institution. Folks who go there have lost so many things, health, mobility, memories, not to mention all the things with which we define ourselves; piles of photographs, cherished possessions, a room of our own, but the drive to be SOMEBODY remains. It is a powerful drive and one to be celebrated, maintained and shared, and art at anytime, from anyone and in any capacity is an important avenue for that. I am very glad to be sharing those moments with the residents.
And, by the way, Harvey (among others there) IS a VERY CREATIVE INDIVIDUAL: full of stories of his life, deftly (and amusingly) told, capable of gaining a smile from a more dour and uncommunicative resident, and to top it all off, his art was wonderful story about a broken heart and how it turned into a rainbow of colours…wow!
Art Notes: 8x10 gelatin monoprint, using stencils, foam plates and linocuts for texture, finished with ink brush pen, coloured pencils, and metallic toned ink.

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