Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I’ve Been Busy—Cats Cats Cats and more Cats

Best Friends Forever, Cat linocut (available at Etsy)
Curiousity, Black Cat in the Window, linocut (available at Etsy)
I’ve been busy—carving cats. Why cats? Well, besides the fact that I’ve lived with them ALL of my life, and that I’m rather fond them myself, I’m carving cats because cats sell on Etsy.
And…making money is nothing to be ashamed of. Besides food, clothing and shelter, it also buys art supplies, yarn and cat food. Back to the cats…
Cats Love Shawls, Linocut, (available at Etsy) and another one with some emotional attachment, because I can’t help but think of Archer, sleeping on my shawls, or getting tucked under them by me, when warmth was all I could give him.  I was pretty much thinking of him when I did it.
Siamese Cat in an Open Window, linocut, (available on Etsy) And happier days recalled with this linocut, sometimes art inspiration is a simple desire to fill in a void. 
You can see more here. Cats and Dogs (I guess the dogs will come later, you see who rules this household) at Etsy.
PS.  Nope, this isn’t turning into Sales Blog, but I really really NEED to get over this feeling that there is something shameful about trying to sell something. So please forgive me while I deliver the occasional sales pitch (well, there I go again, urk…)


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

nothing wrong at all with writing about things for sale, sometimes people want to know if you sell your work, and you do need cat food :) (or suffer the meowing that never stops :p)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer. Cat food, oh yay, Hmmm...but I keep thinking of that nice double scoop ice-cream sundae I'm saving up for...

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

only one sundae? save up and get an ice cream maker ;p


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