Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Miniature Mixed Media Gelatin Prints

I admit my blog post title could be a little more original, but there is something to be said about blunt upfront honesty.  More Miniature Mixed Media Gelatin Prints is exactly what you’re getting.

These are 'art for arts sake' pieces.  While I did post them to Etsy, (click on the pics if you want to see), they are decidedly not commercial in nature.  Posting on Etsy just gives me a little extra incentive, a venue to show them off, and bring them out into the light and air for a time, before they get stacked away in the 'artist's collection'. And that's okay, because artists need to do this things, to stretch and grow, and for me, miniatures are something I really can't stay away from. I love dropping my face down close to the page, and letting the details speak to me, and watching something develop and grow in a surprising way. And sometimes, I even go rifling through the stack, just to see what lies there, waiting in the dark to be seen and thought of again.

Here’s another nice pair.
13032101leaves-gelatin-print72 Like Ying and Yang 13032102leaves-gelatin-print72

Gelatin Leaf Prints are ATC size (2.5”x3.5”), leaves pressed on gelatin, that’s creeping charlie you see on the greys, hops vine on the red. with pen ink work by hand.

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