Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gelatin Printmaking—the Tips Issue

Fuchsia Leaves, gelatin print on A4 paper.
I thought these were unfinished starts, but didn’t know how to take them further. Now, seeing them scanned and on screen, I declare them finished, sorry about the lack of cute cats…
I don’t spend all of my time doing the actually messy action part of printmaking. There is much else to do, such as designing, sketching, practice, planning, not to mention fetching yet another coffee and other forms of procrastination… sometimes my jellies spend long stretches of time stored in the refrigerator, gone, almost forgotten. And when I get back to them after a long hiatus, I’m always having to relearn, and rediscover things that I had learned and discovered the last time.
So this time I took notes, AND I”M SHARING THEM.  I suppose I should print them off for myself, but that would be very organized of me. Most likely, I’ll just muddle through the same territories all over again.
Have fun, in the meantime, I still need to figure out how to “finish’ the print I used as a background for these tips, not to mention a small stack of new starts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your techniques … I really enjoy your posts!

Gill (tinpins : )

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very helpful tips :D

i really need to try the foam plates on the plate, see for myself the effects :)

Aine Scannell said...

Thanks for letting us have these tips - what I am wondering is this

Have you used watercolor on your gelatin plate ??

I would love to be able to get somewhere with this process but so far haven't been having much success - any tips would be appreciated


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