Friday, May 3, 2013

A Cross Border Collaboration

I found this in my mailbox last night.
My friend and mentor, Claudette from Nebraska, are embarking on a collaboration. For those of you who do not already know, she is the one who steered me towards gelatine and foam printmaking in full colour by sending to me a full box of coloured printing ink, and later a video of foam plate printing technique.  I can honestly and without reservation say my art would not be the same without her influence.
Apparently, we have entirely different approaches to making art.  Mine is rather haphazard, and while it may take me awhile, sometimes a long while, to finally get an image onto the paper, there is not much planning (okay, none) involved.  It’s just ‘GO!’ and cross my fingers that it will something worthy of more than the recycling bin. Claudette, however takes time to plan, contemplate, make trials, etc. She has some very professional credentials under her belt, that she’s fairly modest about (not the first things she told me), so maybe, in kind, that story will come later.
Here’s hers: she actually made two alike.  So I’ll be tackling them as a pair.  I think they are wonderful. She’s done all the hard work of theme and composition, so I could (and well might), relax and take the gift in the mouth, and enhance and fill and line and, well, I’m really looking forward to it. Usually I look at a page, scratch my head, and wonder where the heck I’m going with things. Instead, these should be fun.
Now here are my two, not alike, not planned, and no strong elements, at least none that can’t be ignored. The first is done in inscribed line technique (using a pointed stylus to press into the paper without pigment), so basically, what she will (or has) received is a blank white page.  At this point in time, only strongly angled light (morning sun in this photo) brings out the image.
I’m mighty curious where she goes with this, hopefully somewhere I wouldn’t.
And the second image:
A ‘started’ gelatine print. Again, it’s at a very early stage in the game, so it will be interesting to see what happens.
As you can see, I’m making her work a whole lot harder than  she’s making me work. But that’s just the first two starts.  There will be more, and who knows how things will grow and develop. That is what is so exciting about  a collaboration—a little like live jazz improv, only over a MUCH longer timeline.

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hmmm will be interested to see what you both do :)


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