Friday, May 17, 2013

Another Kind of Work In Progress

Once upon a time, I quit my day job with plans of becoming an artist. I wasn’t an artist, mostly because I spent all of my free time trying to repair the physic damage cubical-land inflicted. Emotionally, I was not doing well—at all.
Now it’s all well and good to have dreams, but only action counts, and actions are moved along by goals.  It’s important for the more timid amoung us (that would be me) to have very achievable goals so that one is not paralyzed by fear.  So my first goal was to have more art than I knew what to do with.
I now have stacks. I have heaps. I have framed art gathering dust in corners and stacked in spare rooms, and piled high beside me. I shouldn’t admit this, but there, now you know.
IMG_6450Here’s some of my stacks, and the beginning plans of sandwich board sign.
So it’s time to work at my next goal—sell art. Or, shall I say, sell more art. Etsy sales trickle in, but they at least give me a guide as to what sells vs what I wish I could sell (a whole different conversation, that—hint cute cats vs abstract conceptual art).
I live on a busy main road just south of a scenic lake.  Should be good place to hang out my shingle.
But again, it’s all dreams, talk and empty air without action.
IMG_6446Shiny, but still a long way to go.
So I took a look around my small home (was built as a cottage) where my ‘studio’ consists of scattered spaces throughout the house. Nothing, I assume, that meets the general publics idea of a studio, and wondered. But in the stairwell, which is the front entrance, I see potential. So I cleaned up the dust, the random books, the shed spider bits and accompanying cobwebs (did I say I wasn’t much of a housekeeper?) and discovered things I’d rather not know, like the question ‘do the window sashes need painting and caulking or outright replacement?’ Yikes… But I could put my head back in the sand or plough on with projects that I can tackle…one such being the closet door.
IMG_6447Some of the cat-scratches go into the panelling, nothing not fixable though.  I’ll miss the stencilled leaves though.
It looked nice for about two weeks many years ago, and then the cats discovered the scrumptious texture of the wallpaper. Mmmmmm….and since it’s just about impossible to stop a cat from doing what a cat wants to do, we chose to live with this disaster—for years.
Until now…when I’m on a mission.  When I realize action, however small, is the only thing that counts when pursuing a dream. So next up is scrubbing and scraping. Then painting—hopeful a smooth painted surface will be less appealing to little paws.
And eventually, I hope to have a space that lets people know that I take my art seriously.
A little sample corner of what I hope will be a future staircase gallery space.
PS. Sometimes when a project is towering huge, a checklist might not be the best way to go. Sometimes it’s just best to tackle what you can, one tiny bit at a time and see where it takes you.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you are an artist, please tell me you think you are now? you do take art seriously!
you must post pictures when your little nook is finished :)

Quiltbug said...

I'll be watching for that sign

Laurel said...

This sounds like a great idea! Good luck with your new project. I find that renovating projects often seem more impossible before you undertake them.

Laurel said...

Sounds like a great idea! Good luck with your new project. I find renovating projects sometimes seem more difficult before starting them.
ps If you get two comments like this from me, it's because I wrote one, and then Google asked me to sign in and the after I did it looked like my original comment was erased.

kaslkaos said...

I'm back from my longweekend, catchup days with a parttime job and now back to my art.
Jennifer, thanks, and whoops, that was my incomplete sentence. I wasn't an artist when I didn't make art, I am one now. Artist are people who make art, not because its fun, but because the must (whether its fun or not)
Quiltbug, don't hold your breath or I'll need to call 911. I hope by the mid-july to have it semi-ready. I am slow.
Thanks Laurel, and I didn't want to delete your accidental double post because it leaves a 'deleted by moderator' msg which makes people wonder what was said. Thank you for all your words.


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