Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cross Border Collaboration, an Update

Love this little guy.  I get all caught up in the details though. Last Friday, I put my pencils down, as I thought I was sending the whole project south (and not in a good way).  I work with nose to paper (almost literally, wearing granny glasses). I’m fascinated by the small in my art, even better magnified, and so that yellow was looking really striding. The yellow (and other colours) are opaque layers of water colour, and they make a great ground for the pencils. As you can see, they really grab the colour.  I began everything with inscribed line, and now am using pencils to pull out those details.
And here’s where I got to. On the left is Claudette’s pristine work.  Now that I look at, stepping slightly away, I really happy with it, the yellow ground is just perfect (as I’d thought in the first place).  I’ve never tried pencils over pure yellow, so what an adventure.  The crabs are pretty much finished, the goat has a ways to go, and that little place for a stamp, I have plans for (no spoilers).  For now, I’m going to rest it for a few days, and move on with other things, like tidying up my stairwell to see if could make a little drop in studio gallery space….hmmmm. Big dreams, small steps, who knows. I have cobwebs to sweep 1st, not to mention paint, carpet removal, ack…small steps, small steps.
And another extreme close up. My goal was to preserve the yellow ground & red splatters, while dropping the section to the background.  Up close, I became completely mesmerized by the textures, and thought that instead this section was screaming for attention. Well, under magnification, it still is, but now that I see it as whole with the piece, I feel quite good about it. 

PS. the camera has added a slight green tint to the yellow.

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

powerful explosion of colour :D


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