Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sometimes Procrastination is a very good friend

Solar Flare, 5”x7” gelatin print and coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper.
I confess, I am pretty excited about this one, it was a really really good surprise. You may wonder, how I can be surprised at my own work, but the truth is, I just don’t know when I begin a piece where I am going with it. I just have to start, continue, and see what happens. Often enough, it goes into the trash.
This one began as a rather pale gelatin print start. It must have had something going for it, because I’ve held it my pile for a very long time. I was about to trash it on the day I decided to begin tackling Claudette’s piece in our collaboration. I confess I was too intimidated to do anything but look at her submission, but shied right away from actually doing anything to it.
I did think her work would be an ideal chance to experiment with inscribed line technique and coloured pencil, but I thought it would be best to do up a sample on some ‘scrap’.  So I pulled up my gelatin start and began making marks. I was unafraid, since the work was destined for trash any way. And then I got to liking it.
IMG_6352Here it is when I was just beginning to think, hmmmm….
And below are close-ups. I work very small, so it’s all in the details. After finishing this one off, and proudly posting it to Etsy, I was brave enough to put a line or two into Claudette’s artwork. I’ve done my ‘practice’ piece, after all. So while I can waste huge amounts of precious time procrastinating, this procrastination was time well spent. I don’t think this piece would have happened at all if I hadn’t been too afraid to touch that other work.
My etsy printmaking portfolio, Solar Flare and others on display.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

gorgeous colours! so much movement to it :D brings to mind the phoenix tale

kaslkaos said...

I never thought of that...almost should rename it that, look and the story of the piece go together.

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Jennifer Rose has the right name for it! Gorgeous!


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