Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cross Border Collaboration Letters from Claudette

Whoot!  Here’s Claudette’s contribution. She didn’t warn me (or I forgot) about the loose pieces; when I opened the envelope blue dots in multiple sizes spilled out onto the carpet.  Her finished piece is on the right, mostly her work, and it’s a collage. See our two country flags squeezed in onto the lower right?  I love the vibrant energies here, and its fun fun fun.
I don’t think the photo captures it, but there is something about the 3d layering of collage that quite literally adds layers of texture and depth, and with all those loose dots and bars spilled onto my desk I’m getting excited about trying some cutting and pasting myself.  I need to find some ‘started’ prints that I’m willing to experiment with, and I will use those pieces as part of my next collaborative piece.
Sadly, at least for now, I cannot find the almost finished collaborative piece that I set aside. I was all ready to attack it with fresh eyes (or, if still stuck, mail it out as is (its a collaboration after all)), but I can’t find it anywhere (and that includes the recycling pile—yes, I was out at the curb this morning picking through my own garbage).

Can YOU spot the missing pieces? I sure as heck can’t. And yes, this is how I work, sad, sad, sad.  Horizontal shelving would be nice….My desk is on the right (only the corner pictured here).  And NO, that is not a box of cheerios in the centre. It is my cutting pad. I do my paper cutting with a steel ruler and exacto knife. My cutting pad is plywood board, with cardboard, sometimes boxboard (yep, from a cheerios box) over top. MUCH cheaper than those fancy schmanzy self-healing cutting pads, and much more recyclable (not to mention replaceable).  It actually works quite well (pats self on the back). Now if I can only get organized….


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very colourful :)

hopefully you have found it now!

kaslkaos said...

Phew, found it! Reached for a figure drawing ref book, and there it was, tucked in for safe-keeping. Very safe....erm...

Quiltbug said...

I keep coming back to this entry. These are MY colours.

kaslkaos said...

Quiltbug: and this entry certainly gives you a full range! Enjoy.


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