Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hitting the Books

Life Drawing Tuesdays are far away in time, forward and back.  Last year, I felt like I needed a break from that routine, not being one who likes being out and about after supper. And, somehow, I found that I just wasn’t wanting to be there. It was a good decision, as I now I miss it more and more. I’ll go back in September, not before. Summer evenings are for drinking in sunsets and birdsongs.
But in the meantime, I have an itch to scratch, so it’s back to the books, of which I have stacks; some of which are old and grainy, newer ones full of crystal clear sharp images, interesting poses, and a variety of models.  Photo’s are no substitute for live models, but since I have no cash to hire, not to think of what the neighbours would say if people cavort nude in my living room (that’s my studio space folks)…but they do make great reference, and can also be very good for learning curves, as you not only have time to sit and think, but can also, if truly stuck, can trace the outlines, and compare the tracing to your drawing, and see where you went wrong, or did not. 
Since I’m still trying to stack my Etsy shop with keyword friendly art, I decided I might as well get something out of my practice and turn this odalisque figure into a keyword friendly mermaid. She actually did start as a sketch of the figure photo, that I worked at with pencil, erased, worked over again, erased (erasure is never complete) and then began, with a blunt 8B pencil, my mermaid drawing, where I let the line flow the way I wanted it it too, and made changes from a standing figure solidly rooted to the ground and influenced by gravity, to one floating in the ocean at middle depth.
Mermaids have been good to me, along with cats, ravens, and guitars. Abstract fine art, on the other hand, has gained me zero views. Which, while frustrating, won’t stop me from the exploration, experimentation and expression that truly creative art is about.  But, I must admit, an occasional sale, whatever the subject matter, is a tangible incentive to sit and do more. And we all need tangibles now and again.
So my little mermaid sketch will likely turn into a linocut;already its scanned and reduced to an 8x10 friendly size, (more shop talk, as 8x10’s can be mailed with flat rate shipping unlike larger art), and I get to do ‘life drawing’ on my own time, and practice the forms, the shapes, the poses that always, because we share an anatomy, must repeat themselves, familiar forms with variations.  So when I get back to the live model sessions in September, hopefully I will feel both refreshed and prepared.

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

lots of movement to your mermaid :)

i am hoping the break from college will help me, really didnt want to be there near the end :p

you never know, the neighbours might not say anything :p


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