Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Messy Desk, WIP’s plural

More ‘life drawing’ from photo’s, which makes it figure drawing only. Nope, could not rope any handsome young men to pose for free, aw well….
The matt is one I keep handy for checking my work. The drawing was done in a size to be 8x10 friendly but I transferred it to 9x12 watercolour paper.  I’m in the habit of working from edge to edge so in this case there was(for me) a distracting amount of negative space surrounding the drawing.  Dropping a matt over top made quite the difference.  The book to the right is my substitute for live models. Art Models II: I’ll likely to be buying more.  A book is MUCH cheaper than live sessions, and while its no substitute for a live models, I’m hoping I’ll be better at handling awkward poses and extreme foreshortening by building from my ‘book’ experiences. When drawing from a flat page, I find it much easier to see and draw from the negative space, and much easier to do ‘pencil measurement trick’ for proportions.  Hopefully, this will help me memorize the human figure in more positions and angles, and thus, reduce a little of the brain work that so tuckers me out in evening life drawing sessions (where I have a tendency to yawn a lot).  Foreshortening from a live model is often confusing because we don’t trust the what we see with our own eyes.  Which makes our trust in photography an interesting thought…
Another, just in pencil on office paper.
And ooohhhhh, a VERY Etsy keyword friendly OWL and PussyCAT, now if I could just manage to squeeze in a COWL somewhere in this linocut, it would be sure to get many views.
PS. For those not in the loop, it’s a running joke that if you want to sell anything on Etsy you need Owl’s and Cowl’s somewhere in your keywords. It’s just one of those (to me) mysteriously popular trends. Moustache and Taxidermy seem to be up there too—I can’t explain it either, but I am enjoying working on my sarcastic rendition of a popular theme.

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