Monday, July 1, 2013

Cross-Border Collaboration


Happy Canada and Fourth of July (coming soon) for the United States of America.

What better way to celebrate Canada Day than to present the finished Zodiac Cross-Border Collaboration. North meets South, friends and neighbours meet and make something beautiful together.
The lost has been found.  I had it tucked into a reference book for safe-keeping, returned the book to the shelf (see what happens when messy folks attempt to organize?) and lucky for me, I reached for that book a few days later.
Here it is, finished. Claudette sent me the started image done in watercolours and coloured pencil with lots of delicious white space to splash around in, all compositional elements are hers, which saved me a lot of  headaches and head-scratching. I filled in the details using coloured pencils and impressed line technique.
This is what she sent to me.

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