Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dog Girl and Flower Boy—Cross Border Collaboration

5x7 inch mixed media collage using gelatin monoprint, coneflower (from my 2011 garden), glassine paper (recycled from Claudette's work), coloured pencil, graphite (fine point mechanical pencil), water color & paper (from Claudette's mailing)
When I opened Claudette's latest mailing, dots and dashes spilled out onto the floor. I wasn't expecting loose bits of art!  But it was instantly inspiring. While I'm not sure how long my pale orange flower prints have languished in my stack (they may even be more than a year old), I know they were made with black-eyed susans from my garden. While my stash lies throughout dark corners of my home, unaccounted for, unsorted, uncompiled, this orange variant sprang instantly to my mind.
I have exactly two, as they came from one pull of A4 paper, split in half.  First, I studied them (see, artist staring off into the middle is actually getting work done!), and then doodled onto some blank paper, but Dog Girl and Flower Boy appeared almost instantly, as if they both existed in their entirety before pencil ever hit the page.  Only after that, I cut them out, rearranged, erased and change some angles so they could interact on the page. Then I transferred them onto flower print #2, and redrew with the fine liner pencil. I LOVE using my mechanical pencil to make art, since I distinctly recall being told (in art collage) that these pencils were completely inappropriate for creative art and should be reserved for drafting. HAH!
13070901dog-girl-flower-boy72a   13070901dog-girl-flower-boy72b
Claudette shipped me some other intriguing tidbits, tests on glassine (I think) or tracing paper from our previous collaboration. I used those, and coloured pencil to create the brilliant blue halos around the characters.
This adventure with scissors and paper would never have happened had I not engage in collaboration with Claudette. You just never know where you will end up if you deign to dance with a partner.

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

really enjoying seeing these collabs :D


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