Thursday, July 4, 2013

Five Fabulous Warm-Ups—gelatin monoprint mixed-media

Very Miniature Mixed-Media Gelatin Prints, approx. 1.5cm x 7cm
Sometimes I slice and dice my gelatin prints to into smaller pieces, from 9x12’s to 5x7’s, for instance.  And on occasion, bits of the bits mewl out to me like abandoned kittens, begging to be saved. And save I do (I’ll spare you yet another messy desk pic). This morning I chose to use them as ‘warm-ups’.  I’ve been, of late, disciplining myself to NOT turn on the computer first thing in the morning, as it becomes a constant excuse to leave my chair.  So now, from 8-10, I can be found where an artist belongs, at the drawing board, with pencil in hand (more or less).  Sometimes, coffee is just not enough, and small bits are less intimidating than large, and here they are, each one unique in thought and execution. I quite enjoy them. I don’t see a market for them, though, so I’ll like them save them for gifts and trades. I wouldn’t dare use them as bookmarks because mine have tendency to land in the bathtub. These were completed with coloured pencil (most) and pen ink (the black).  I scraped back with a knife and added in fresh pencils to get the brilliant cabuchon blue jewel in the centre.
Warm-ups are wonderful things in and of themselves. I’ll look forward to doing more.


Quiltbug said...

I would be a market for them. I love bookmarks and mine never get wet. Think about it.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yeah def. a market for them :) not everyone reads in the bath. laminate them and then they would last longer

Anonymous said...

I'm game for a bookmark trade as well.
Stay inspired!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks so much Quiltbug, Jennifer and Michelle for encouragement and endorsements.
Maybe I will put them up on etsy.
Michelle, I checked out your blog, lovely monoprints, trading is always fun, I'm game too (I love snailmail)


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