Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Finally Figure Drawing

WIP, fine art nude couples. This is my first couples drawing, and once again, I dipped into my reference book of images, Art Models 4. Here you get to see my messy work station, which, for all the years of art I’ve done here, never gets more organized.
I’m not sure why it took me so long to complete these, but the short of it is, I finally sold a nude on Etsy, and as far as Etsy goes, it was my most professional sale yet. I do have that fine art prejudice of discounting cats and mermaids as merely popular (my inner snob emerges for full disclosure). This is not something I should admit, 1st, because I’m discounting my own art that is most likely to sell, 2nd, because I’m being a hypocrite, since I would happily hang cats and mermaids all over my house, but I spent four long years in art college and sooooo it comes down to being most proud of selling a nude, because that has the weight of artistic tradition.
And I’ve just wandered away from the topic of….why was it so hard to start and complete another similar item after selling the first? Why is that? What a frustration. First joy! Yay! I sold some real art! Followed by, OMG I will never ever succeed again.  Choke, choke, choke.
And then life got in the way, meaning I bashed my knee open on a submerged rock, failed to get it treated in hospital (as in cleaned and stitched-I was at a cottage) and ended up needing a full course of antibiotics for cellulitis (a fancy name for an infection that spreads to surrounding tissue). My knee currently is giving me sporadic pinching twitches, and it all happened two weeks ago. While minor in the scale of injuries, I was completely squicked out by the whole thing, given I’ve heard of all the lovely possible complications like necrotising fasciitis, blood poisoning, gangrene, getting ones leg chopped off at the thigh—in other words, I AM A WEENIE.
So minor as the injury was, it was a wee bit distracting on the psychological scale. Excuses, excuses, excuses.
Working on couples was a huge challenge, trying balance off the two figures, and get the proportions right for both, was a really big deal, so I worked on a portrait at the same time, portraits are a little easier, less juggling of proportions, and you get go right to the good stuff (expression).  I called her Helen of Troy, because that’s all I could think of as I drew.
And here’s the finished couples. Both combine pencils and watercolours. I hope it evokes the idea of making the most of things; I’ve spent large parts of my life fearing joy, as if some how, feeling too happy, or satisfied would jinx my life, and the moment joy is felt, something truly colossally rotten will happen to balance things off and it would be ALL MY FAULT.
Of course, now that I’m older, I’ve been forced to realize that the rotten WILL come, sooner or if lucky later, so it’s best to make the absolute best of the good stuff NOW, without reservations. We are mortal, such an obvious fact, but one we manage to hide from until it hits us in the face.
You can find them on Etsy in my Figure Drawing Section.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

ouch ouch ouch ouch! :/

congrats on the sale :D

I actually have to find myself actively trying not to be an art snob, since what i love to do the most, isnt exactly met with smiles and nods of approval at college :p

and ouch ouch ouch again

kaslkaos said...

you too, eh? Yep, art college is like that. At least you don't let it get to you the way I did.
As for the ouch, I'd say not that bad except I'm on a new antibiotic, the booboo that just wouldn't go away.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hmmm not good :( hopefully the new antibiotics start working soon


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