Friday, August 30, 2013

Schrodinger's Cat

Schrodinger’s Cat, 4”x6” mixed media coloured pencil on Stonehenge Paper.
Sometimes I just feel empty, I have absolutely nothing to say about life, the universe and everything, and I have no ironic commentaries to make on the world of art in general. What then to do with the glaring blank page?
This week I was faced with three of them.  I’m getting ready to submit (max 3) 4x6 works to a miniature art show. What a perfect opportunity to be my most creative and free in the miniature format I am most at home. Ha!
A blank page is blank page, regardless of dimension, and inspiration is not any closer with a small space vs a large one.
So there I sat.  What to do, what to draw, what to start with. The universe, all the universes including rifts and bubbles my oyster. The oyster would not crack.
Fortunately, there was a sleeping cat, there at my feet, oblivious to the grave danger of having his tail crushed under the wheels of my rolling office chair.
So there he is, submission #1, named Schrodinger’s Cat in hopes of imbuing the decorative with meaning and portent. Beats a bowl of fruit, in my opinion.
What is the purpose of Art? Must art have a greater purpose than its own existence? Is art that is about nothing but itself worthy?  Are cute cats included in the equation? Much to ponder before moving on.  Schrodingers Equation indeed.
Further reading, Bluebeard, by Kurt Vonnegut.  Which is a very entertaining novel that tackles every one of these questions and keeps you thinking late into the night after the laughter is over.
Obligatory Etsy plug:  More Cat Art here
If/when I get to it, I’ll post it as a reproduction until I receive it back from the show. Right now, I’m off to contemplate the universe.


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Love this one!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

really like Bluebeard, was a good story. still havent read anything else by Vonnegut tho, must fix that

very colourful kitty :D

Art :p doesn't need a purpose or need to mean anything. since art is so subjective, i think there would be so many answers to what is the purpose of art, that it would fill a book :p

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Michelle, he grows on me.
Jennifer, you read Bluebeard!!! I loved it, a book about art, a funny, ironic, sarcastic, made me laugh while I read it, and think about for long after book.
Update: Schrodinger is the perfect name for this cat, because he makes me think about what is and isn't considered art in various venues.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Loved the ending of the book :) I read a lot lol, probably should have been an English major :p


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