Saturday, September 28, 2013

Agawa Bay, Lake Superior Provincial Park

Sunday, 8, Agawa Bay Campground, Lake Superior Provincial Park
watched an orange nail paring moon sink into the horizon, a second moonset from the first when it was like a fly caught by a rising fish, swallowed by a bank of black cloud.
Earlier, the fish themselves made a short performance, breaking the surface for brief moments of flight.
The sun went down in a bit of a pout, sinking behind a bank of clouds.
Mixed -- skies.
We went swimming today, bright sun, brisk breeze and choppy waves. As cold as our last foray in Sunnyside Beach, a possible 13C. But beautiful swimming pool blue, fine sand below plus pebbles and the wave action was fun.
Earlier, we walked along the beach to the River, it was Randy that found the mermaids...
both inscribed with sharpie marker onto flat river rocks. I took pictures.
After the swim we walked up to Rocky Point to warm up, and sit in the pile of pebbles which can be arranged quite comfortably.  It was a productive foray, as on our return we found a bag of firewood and kindling.  For this evening we chose to walk for warmth instead.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

13C is fine after the shock getting in lol

kaslkaos said...

Hah! No! Well, okay, bearable, with plenty of sunshine...


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