Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pancake Bay Provincial Park–Journaling

Sat. Sept. 7
Trip Diary
Awake at 5:40, left at 7:40' mostly ready to go the night before.
Forgot how much like mountains the hills north of Sault Ste. Marie look.
arrived at Pancake Bay at 4:15 

First day, and swam twice, before supper and after.  In a relative way the water
is warm, sun warmed over sand.  I forgot how much I like to listen to waves lap 
the shore.  Inland lakes make no such sound, but great lakes and oceans do-long 
slow shallow waves lapping at the edge with elegant fingers.
After sundown, the sparkling red lights appeared on the horizon--the wind farm. 
I have mixed feelings about that, nothing is without consequences.
We watched fish jump. Randy saw them first, I was playing guitar. 
There were jumping clear out of the water, their white fish bellies on display. 
I laughed hysterically and I'm not sure why.  It was a wonderful thing to see.
PS. (September 26th) Yes, I’m back from my annual long holiday. This time, 
I actually kept a journal, with the aid of my android tablet and a free app 
called graffiti that converts block-printing to text (very short learning curve, 
especially since its a port of a Palm Pilot app I used extensively many years ago). 
So this years holiday pics will come with on-site journal entries (with or without edits) 
PPS. Reading this journal entry makes me realize that was the warmest water and temps 
I would experience the entire holiday. Bare feet!!! Well, you’ll see.
PPPS. Supper was at Salzburger Hof, an amazing Austrian Restaurant on the lake. 
This is where we always have dinner on the 1st night, I swear they have our order 
noted before we arrive. Spaetzle for me, Hungarian Goulash, Saurkraut for him. 
Chocolate Explosion to go so we can enjoy at our campsite.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

gorgeous sky :)

some people here are protesting against the windfarms here :/ yeah not the prettiest of things of things, but we need to be doing something about renewable energy

kaslkaos said...

Yes it was. As for the wind farms, they are no replacement for reducing energy use, and all trends seem to go the other direction.
Renewables can't sustain our current use. Here, there are protests too. I never see things in black and white myself. I do wish there would be more integration. Solar energy should be coming from rooftops, not farmland, etc.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

there is a big push for solar here, i think the government will pay some of the costs of putting the panels on your house. you do see a lot of house with big roofs with panels on them, and some house that stupidly spent the money and they are facing the wrong way....

i dont see people reducing their energy use, if anything its just going to get higher :/

kaslkaos said...

I see some solars on houses, they are always big rich peoples houses, so I assume its still way too big an investment for us wee folk.


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