Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Awausee Trail and Sinclair Cove, Lake Superior Provincial Park

Awausee Trail, 11km, hiked in the rain. As the trail climbs up, I can say we hiked right up through the clouds and almost saw the sun on the absolutely darkest of rainy days.  Randy slipped on the trail and sprained, or at least painfully injured his thumb. (update: it actually only ached the one day)
One of the innumerable waterfalls on the Awausee Trail. 2013 was a record setter for rainfall. I’ve hiked this trail many times, but never saw so much water. It was beautiful, but mostly too dark for casual snapshots, and we were too busy negotiating wet rocks, pools and streamlets to want to bother with tripod set-ups.
Sinclair Cove off in the distance. The hike north of Sinclair Cove is consistently spectacular and only moderately difficult. What a treat.
After hiking the rugged coast north of Sinclair Cove, we spent the remainder of the day enjoying the beach. I am wearing 4 pairs of pants.  Every time I visit the outhouse, I'm am grateful to whoever invented elastic and pull-on pants. I am warm.  I am also grateful to our ancient ancestors for their discovery of fire.  We had our chairs down by the water, watched waves, I crocheted, Randy read and read to me.  I wore 2 zippered hoodies, a thermal shirt, a heavy turtle neck, and a gore-tex jacket, hoods up, zippers up. We drank coffee, ate nuts and cookies.  I was warm enough and when I wasn't we walked up the beach to Rocky Point, so without sun and warmth, still, we had our relaxing beach day.
Tomorrow, we'll see if we can do Towab Trail.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

snug as a bug in a rug ;p

that top photo looks like something from a dream

kaslkaos said...

Thanks. Yep, I'm purty proud of that top photo, it was for real, no tricks, and soaked to the toes to prove it too.

PhreshThreadz said...

Your photos are stunning!! That first one is my favorite!! Absolutely IN LOVE with that photo!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks...miserable weather equals great shot, go figure!


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