Sunday, October 6, 2013

Backwards Bodysurfing and other tall tales at camp

Thursday, 12
Not raining...and so, can journal.
Last night, Randy provided room service and brought supper down to the beach.  It felt very grand.  Yesterday, we went to Pancake Bay to try the new trail.  the lookout was fantastic, the falls were pretty but i declare most of the hike boring.  It was also 50 percent wet, puddles, rivers of water ran down the trails, and we tramped in wet shoes-- this after spending all day Tuesday in wet boots. Tuesday was wet too, woke to blowing mist, and fog.
Agawa Bay, looking north, the hills are shrouded in low lying clouds.
Tarpology, I am the spider queen, master of tarps. Stringing the tarps is my job. I was pretty proud of this endeavour as it kept us (relatively) dry until the mist started blowing in, then we huddled in the grey tunnel (middle right behind the picnic table). It’s large enough for two adults sitting in camp chairs.
Hiked Awausee, which is beautiful even when wet, right up through the clouds we went where a little more light shone through. down below was a very dark day--I know this as the solar lantern we left down by the beach didn't light up that night.
Yesterday began the same, but the sun was out and strong by the time we reached Pancake Bay.  it was too late by then to turn it into the beach day we wanted.  We did go swimming after our walk, ate some nuts in the sunshine, and I jumped in again.
Back at Agawa, I jumped in again to take full advantage of the rare sunlight. 
Last night, Randy spotted a rabbit at the campsite.
Today we hiked north from Sinclair Cove, it was absolutely beautiful, as the entire trail is a fabulous vista along a rocky coast of coves and beaches, but we got back by 2. 
Rocky Point, Agawa Bay/ the red sign on the left warns of a dangerous undertow around the rocks.
So determined I was to have a beach day, that I ignored the chill of a 14C day, and overcast gloom and jumped in any way.  The waves were those long vast powerful swells that gather and grow offshore and make their slow thunder up the beach. I briefly lost caution and considered body surfing, and briefly, the genius notion to try it backwards, head first facing the sky.  Briefly experienced sheer joy and exhilaration as, catching the largest wave with perfection, I shot like a bullet up the stony beach.  OW, OW, OW!  Instant road rash as my back scraped through the gravel. This manoeuvre will not be tried again.
Agawa Bay, and what passed for sunset on many evenings.  The lake, however, is in constant motion, Lake Superior is Great indeed.
to be continued…


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...


i love that photo of rocky point, would make a nice painting

kaslkaos said...

Hah! I lost a bit of skin. Me stupid.
Yep, Rocky Point is very scenic, even on a blah day.


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