Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Everything But the Kitchen Sink—Life Drawing Tuesday

Detail of Life Drawing, female nude on 9x12 watercolour paper using coloured pencil, watercolour pencil, and oil pastel.
Life Drawing is a chance to practice, experiment, and discover. I was armed with all of my toys: brand new pre-cut 9x12 watercolour paper, oil pastels, watercolour pencils, brush pen, paper stump, and my old standby, plain old coloured pencil, and I used all of it on this piece.
It began with yellow, followed by sepia pencils. I usually start pale, and work my way up.  Then I added the violet watercolour pencil and brushed it in with a brush pen. A brush pen is a brush that comes with a cartridge that you fill with water. It allows you to use water colours anywhere without needing extra water. While waiting for the paper to dry, the negative spaces screamed for red, RED, RED, so worked in oils, layering bright red with sepia, brown and violet. The texture of the paper was getting in the way of saturation, so a mashed it all with a paper stump, filling in all the white channels. By then the paper was dry, and I used my favourite turquoise oil, layered over the violet washes. That’s all.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

great colour :) your life drawings are always full of so much energy

kaslkaos said...

Thanks, unlike me, yawning through the whole thing. Why can't I stay up late like other grown-ups???


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