Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lake Superior Provincial Park, Agawa Rock Caves

randy-cave2  pictographs-caves
Natural Rock Caves, Lake Superior Coastal Trail, south of Agawa Rock, these are boulder/errratics tumbled together forming large caves. The trail goes through several caves.

monday, (September 9th edited, because by this time I’d already forgotten the dates, )
yikess, rain all day
and damp weather. Purcey acting up, mosquitoes hungry, early dark.  Walked south from the pictographs.  The caves were better than ever.  I don't know why the fascinate me so, but they d (<—edit: turns out that touch screen tablets with capacitive screens become completely useless in damp conditions. And no, I was not using it in the pouring rain, but with the fog, the rain and the blowing mist, even the interior of the van was too damp to allow input, and I didn’t feel like hauling out a limp sheet of paper either. Luckily, my digital camera has no such problems and I got lots of pictures to tell the story. (Purcey is what I call my android tablet)).

This cave has a magnificent cathedral ceiling that angles down into darkness.
Lake Superior Coastal Trail, south of Agawa Rock, North of Agawa River
Since my journal cacked out in the rainy weather (what a miserable day!) I’ll add some notes on how to get there. Park at the Pictographs, and take the trail south. Fit healthy adults (me and Randy) should get to the first one in about 40 minutes. Agile experienced hikers will get there much sooner, and those used to strolling through city parks may not get there at all. The trail, especially before and after the caves is genuinely difficult.  You need to haul yourself over and through rock-cuts. Some gaps leave me inches to spare, so there truly is a weight/fitness limit on this trail.  It’s all worth it for the caves and the views.
Pyramid Power greets you as you exit back to the parking lot.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thank you for the photos :D makes me really miss the scenery tho :p

kaslkaos said...

You are welcome, and sorry. Did you ever get to see Superior?

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

nope :/ probably not going to happen either, so I live vicariously threw your photos :p


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