Friday, October 25, 2013

Ravens New and Old

Raven Gelatin Monoprint on 8.5” x 11” paper.
Raven Gelatin Monoprint on 8.5” x 11” paper.
Finally made myself a fresh batch of gelatin. My old one (from last February?) is still alive and well but in pieces. That plate was indestructible. My new plate is not.  In fact, it began to shred as soon as I tried to remove it from the mould, so after cutting the damaged ends off, I left it in the tray to print. It’s just big enough to cover the A4 paper, so all is well, although I’m not sure why it’s so soft this time around. I thought I was following my usual recipe.
New is the Akua Ink I purchased. I bought the liquid blue and LOOK! at that colour. See the bright bits of blue in the lower print. That is liquid Akua. Wow! Speedball just doesn’t have that intensity no matter how hard I try.  So far I just have blue, as it is one of the Speedball colours I’m most disappointed with (Speedball Red is another, unless I want Cadmium Hue, which it is). This experiment proves it can be mixed and matched within a piece, and good thing too, as I’m well-stocked with Speedball, it’s cheaper, and for earth tones and yellows, very nice.
And on the raven front, Yippee! I hear them more and more. Now, not only when I walk in the woods, but even as I sit and type at my computer. This is exciting! I still own a bird book that lists them as extirpated in Southern Ontario, which means locally extinct. It is Wonderful to hear them speak again. It’s no wonder that I decided to use my raven stencils today.
And these two fresh pressed prints are available at Etsy, in Nature Section.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love the colour of the blue ink :)

still have a plate from February?!? o.0

kaslkaos said...

Pieces of the plate, as I cut it up, but yes, no sign of decay, just a little dry and rubbery around the edges. I wish I'd written down an exact formula. All I know for sure is that I used vinegar for a portion of the liquid, and extra gelatin.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hmm i would have thought it was really mouldy by now. hopefully you can remember how you made it for the next batch

Chrissy Stone said...

You have made some very lovely work.............I love it all but, the raven is stunning


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