Thursday, October 17, 2013

Towab Trail, Lake Superior Provincial Park

Friday, Sept. 13
Awoke at first light, I'd prefer an alarm clock, as I would sleep better.  6:30am, and had a leisurely breakfast, but were packed and on the trail by 8:40. 9:10 Burnt Rock Pool, 10:50 middle campsite. 11:40 The Falls. Lunched 'till 12:30, Burnt rock 3-3:30 at the car by 4.
What a fabulous day, awoke at the crack of dawn to 3C temperatures.  Cold, but breakfast was toasty warm, 4 pants! And hot cereal, and coffee!
Then out to Towab with clear blue skies. It was cool but great hiking temps. 
Violet Branched Coral Fungus, clavaria zollingeri
I found a purple coral mushroom, one to look up, and took photos. I've never seen one before, and it was gorgeous, like a gem with the morning sun shining through it.  I was excited, I took pictures, wow. I almost get how birders feel when they get to add a rare one to the list. Towab Trail is 12km one way, which makes for a really long there and back hike but much of the way is flat and easy except for what I call the humps, which are slippery and strenuous.  Today we named those humps, Hors D'oeuvres, for the first rise, Appetizers for the next, and The Main Course for the extended climb away from the river and up the valley edge, cliff.
And of course, there was Dessert, which I named Chocolate Bombe, for it's round shape, this hump had us climb a goat path inches away from a quick slide to doom.
The river was higher than we've ever seen it.  The falls were thunderous cascades of cauliflowers, and scrolling spirals of foam.  Burnt Rock Pool had none of its lazy look, and seemed to be in a very big hurry. 
We both saw a bald eagle, and a pair of merganzers. During lunch, we saw a small fish leap up into the air and belly-flop back in, right in front of us.
Burnt Rock Pool, Towab Trail, Lake Superior Provincial Park
The cool air must have been good to us because we made it back in good cheer, and in time for a swim in Agawa Bay.
It was cold! 14C and a brisk breeze razoring in from the North West.  The waves were high and forming rollers and swells. I refrained from body surfing backwards or any body surfing at all. I don't wish to be flensed by waves and pebbles.
The waves were beautiful, making a white surf that raced up the beach. To warm up and dry my hair, we walked to Rocky Point.
What a full day, we were hungry, very hungry, and ate much, crackers and cheese and tomatoes after the main course.
before sunset, watched the galloping waves--out to sea, two shades of blue, steel and ultramarine, all choppy and sharp like a sea of dancing knives, and undulating and gathering into long swells that crashed and curled up onto the beach.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

stop posting all the gorgeous photos! ;) really makes me want to go back and camp for a few weeks :p

kaslkaos said...

Ha! I have a few more days to go. But not sure when I'll get around to it, so you'll get a rest...


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