Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Messy Desk—Creative Space

It’s amazing I get anything done, isn’t it?  Most days are spent digging for lost items, be it pens, pencils, paper or artwork. Not kidding.
And that doesn’t include wool-gathering staring out the window, which looks out onto the bird feeders, and beyond, the street. Birds, dogs and their walkers, slouchy teens, gnarly old dudes with cigarettes hanging from their mouth, etc…
And I didn’t even mention the blue jays that beg me to get up and throw peanuts in a shell. They love whole peanuts, which is probably part of being intelligent, self aware and capable of planning for the future. Peanuts in a shell can be cached for a long time, seen as they have their own natural wrapper in tact.
And then there is the computer, which I loathe. It is unbelievable how much time it takes to scan, post and describe a work of art, not to mention scratch my brain for useful keywords so that someone might actually manage to find my art on the web. By the time I’ve posted my work, any work, on Etsy, I’m pretty done in for words. 
And I’ve been posting a lot to Etsy. I finally have reach 100 items. That’s A LOT of paper!  I got it organized into folder, so hopefully the next time someone buys something, I won’t have to spend an hour hunting it done (been there, done that, didn’t like it one bit).
So, am sorry if I’ve been neglecting my favourite blogs, but that IS about to change. I have joined the 21st century and have WiFi in my home now (at $40—I have no idea why I held out so long, still no cell-phone though).  Which means I can read blogs, and other word worthy websites at my leisure in a comfy chair on my android tablet. So, bring on the words, I am looking forward to your next post.
And for those of you who read me, I will try to post more often. I will try to find some words again (which often escape me entirely) and continue filling in with my art, and brief notes on art, in the meantime.
See, now I’m tired, it’s lunch-time, I’m hungry, I’m out of here….enjoy life.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I've seen worse ;)

yay for wifi, it so nice to be able to sit anywhere and use a tablet or laptop :)

kaslkaos said...

Ha! Thanks. I did archeology afterwards, which reduced the pile, unearthed some items, lost became found, but then I had to just pile things back up again.

Chrissy Stone said...

LOL....I so resonate with this. I get distracted so easily. 100 things on ETSY, well done you :) I use Zazzle but, it bores me stupid ;)


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