Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chasing the Sun

I failed to have my camera with me at the right time, so for the remaining days of the ice storm, I kept running out of doors, just at sunset, hoping to capture sparkly pink trees. I never did catch that moment, but here’s the results of my attempts.
IMG_8095 IMG_8094
I actually did try climbing a hill to find the sweet spot, but the snow crust was as smooth as glass, and after sliding back down again for the 5th time, I gave it.
But I ran like stink up another trail that overlooks a pond, and this is what I saw.
And that’s it for crystal trees (I hope). We’ve had two days of thaw, and so the trees have lost most of their heavy burden and are done dropping branches on our heads and tearing down powerlines.


Quiltbug said...

it is so obvious that these photos were taken by an artist. They are spectacular. I have a new camera but need to figure out how to be more creative when I take photos. I am still using a point and click method although I now have the equipment to do much more.
I also need to step further away from the front door/window to take photos. LOL

keep up the great work


kaslkaos said...

Thanks. Main thing, always have a camera. I'm still pining for the ones I missed last Monday for want of a camera. Point and shoot is just fine. That's all I do. It's later that I pick and choose. So go forth and take LOTS of pics.


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