Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Crystal Trees—The Christmas Bonus Post

Dec. 24th, 2013
Christmas Eve, and we have power.  How nice is that.  I have a heating pad on my lap, the tree sparkles with light, it is warm in the house, and the oven works.  One appreciates these things when they are missed.  Randy's brother is still without power, but they have a woodstove, so are doing okay.  There are many people still without power, and it is bitter cold outside.  I just ran down the street to take pictures: 
IMG_8017   IMG_8025 
IMG_8003  IMG_8004
I was warmly dressed but it still felt like instant frostbite on my fingers as I snapped away.  I was too late to catch the moment of strawberry pink crystal trees, this is a thing I saw yesterday as I was driving home. I only caught brief glimpses of this beauty as I passed by.  And today, I meant to be out on time but such a wonderful day we had.  Breakfast by the fire, and then to town. We meant to pick up some last minute gifts but all the lights were down on our route, and by the time we got to Walmart, well, their doors too were dark.  Canadian Tire was open for business; they not only sell generators, they use them too.  We went home through town, more lights out, but the north side of main street had power.  For once, the small town merchants stood a fighting chance to compete with Walmart, and my breakfast place was open.  We had breakfast together.
After that, a walk around the lake with the dog, and a look at the sparkling crystal trees glittering in the noon day sun.
And then we went skating, because the lake is well frozen.  I had such a hard time getting my skates on as my socks were new and thick, my snow pants cumbersome, and I was refusing to take of my gloves to lace up--until I fell of my chair.  Yes, as I leaned back to haul on my laces, the chair slipped out from under me and dropped me on my well padded bum.  I was thankful for my insulation, both of fabric and flesh.
And then I had to crawl across the ice to chase my skates and boots, and finally relented and took my gloves off to finish lacing up.
Did I tell you it's cold?
Skating was fabulous, we found long wide stretches of smooth ice.  The sun was brilliant except for beautiful boiling rainbow clouds that occasionally passed by.  The rainbows were the result of ice crystals in the clouds, and you need good sunglasses to see this in daylight.  We found a crystal tree to skate under and look through, up at the blue sky and out at the sun. Lovely. There were other skaters across the lake, but the stayed in their little ice rink box and skated in tiny circles. We instead enjoyed the scenery.
350,000 people are still without power, and this is for the city of Toronto only.  Without heat homes will be unliveable.  Toronto has warming shelters set up--pets allowed. I'm not sure what is available in rural areas.  I think without power the crystal trees may look less beautiful.  I feel lucky today.
IMG_7936Dynamo having fun, ice-coated log is like chocolate smothered in ice cream
IMG_7969<possibly next years Christmas Card, spoiler, spoiler, spoiler
Enjoy Life everyone, and may you have heat and light in your home—seriously, tonight, many Ontarian’s don’t.

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

ooh very pretty :) but also very very cold looking

we havent had any snow here, just lots of wind and rain. the power has flickered a lot but thankfully hasn't gone out. we are on a hill so no flooding, but there are a lot of pools of water on lower ground


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