Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Frohe Weihnachten—Merry Christmas

And a blessed Winter Solstice too!
This is our tree, decorated by my husband Randy. This is the time when he too makes art, and turns a bare tree into a thing of beauty.  He takes his time and places each and every ornament with care, and steps back occasionally to survey his work.  I think it is utterly beautiful. And magical.
As my parents were German, I still celebrate the old way, with a real sacrificial fir tree, lights and  delicate blown glass ornaments.  When they were growing up, they used candles, and both had stories to tell of tossing burning trees out the living room window. Have no fear, my tree is lit with 21st century LED’s.  But we choose warm white lights, to harken back to the soft glow of candles without the fire hazard.
Tonight, Randy and feast together, and open gifts for one another, play some music, me guitar, he piano.
Tomorrow is Christmas Day.
Have a Very Merry Christmas, or whatever you wish to call it. I will be celebrating the absolutely amazing astounding reality of a universe that I and you and all of us inhabit, full of joy and sorrow, all the stuff of life, that even when you think you comprehend the gears and levers that makes things happen, remains utterly incomprehensible to the human mind.
I will also dance in any snow that falls.

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