Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Full Moon Tonight—Journaling and ART

Artist Trading Card, Oil Pastel and Coloured Pencil Painting, available at Etsy
My miniature works of art are often moments in time, captured on a micro scale. I was trapped in traffic on my way home. It was a glorious evening, and I knew there were thick layers of fresh snow waiting in the woods for me and my cross-country skiis. I was somewhat frustrated, to put things mildly; time was ticking by.  The consolation prize was being witness to a cherry red sunset at my back and a glowing golden moonrise before me. These things, in a flash of a moment, must be memorized for later retrieval.
IMG_7850 Creamy blended oil pastel close-up. This is why they get called paintings.
IMG_7849And the tools of the trade, including my scrap scribble sheet for testing colours.

1 comment:

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

so colourful :) love the detailed close up


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