Monday, December 30, 2013

McMichael Canadian Art Collection, or What We Did On Friday


So, yesterday, we decided to try something new, and we went to the McMichael Collection Gallery in Kleinberg.  I was awestruck by the work of Kim Dorland, You Are Here .  His paintings quite literally stopped me in my tracks.  I have heard people describe these moments but never had it happen.  But I'm getting ahead of the story, as it begins along the roadways that were lined with leaning glass trees.  The drive alone was a spectacle, and I was slow to make my way into the gallery as I could not take my eyes away from the beautiful destruction.  Once in, I could not keep my eyes from the crystalline spectacle outside the windows.  And then I saw the first of many Kim Dorland paintings, a towering thing of abstract forest competing vigorously with the sparkling forest it was displayed alongside.  I no longer felt torn between my visit and wishing I was outdoors.  Here were things I wanted to see and places to go, for these were paintings I could step inside.
Dorland's paintings are the forest
not as it is, but how it feels to be inside it, and they resonate with my own experience of the woods, full of mystery, unknowable, heartbreaking and beautiful.  We both enjoyed this show.
Next up, was Small Strange Worlds Karine Giboulo 
  Not as easy on the mind or eye by far, and so if I speak in less glowing terms of her work, it in no way reflects it's importants.  It's easy like a beautiful landscape, while hard hitting social commentary takes a little more work.  She turns polymer clay, the kind you fire in a home oven, into serious art, recreating in exquisite miniature detail whole villages of people and imbuing each figurine with character and story.  Her work juxtaposes the rich and the poor, the haves and have nots, the first world countries against the third world, and to see these miniature diaramas, the viewer must look in the mirror, literally.
So much to take in,
and then exit back to the world of glittering shattered trees, ice covered walkways, blocked roads, where ice proved the great equalizer, as it did not spare the tony neighbourhood of Klienberg.  We had the pure pleasure of pushing a BMW up and out of a slippery abyss. 

IMG_8128  IMG_8127
The Kim Dorland paintings are up until January 5th, so there is still time if you hurry. Karine Giboulo’s is around until late January.
Outdoor photo’s are part of the sculpture walk, which was mostly off-limits due to the ice-storm.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

that is the type of public art i really like :D would love to visit the place

i stopped dead in my tracks the first time I saw a vermeer,(actually 5 of them). i didnt want to leave the room :p

kaslkaos said...

It will be waiting for you but the art is always changing

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

maybe go back one year when i have some extra money so i can go to places like that :)


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