Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Printmaking Tutorial—Hand-rubbed Transfer Technique

13120301life-drawing72cropped This original work of art is available for sale on Etsy
For this original finished work of art, I took my initial sketch, and using the printmaking technique of "hand-rubbed transfer", transferred the drawing onto an original gelatin monoprint for an interesting background.

What is a hand-rubbed transfer? It is the transfer of pigment from one surface to another using the hand, or hand-held instruments. In this case the pigment is oil pastel on tracing paper, and I used a stylus to apply pressure.
What is a gelatin monoprint? I cook up a large slab of gelatin, roll out ink onto it's surface, manipulate the ink with my hands, brushes and found objects for texture, then place the paper over top, rub the back of the paper (expect fingerprints!) to transfer the ink. Gelatin prints are often the culmination of multiple layers of transfers.
Need more info? Ask your question in the comments, but I’ll leave you with one more sentence. Think of this like an art sandwich, the monoprint (the paper that will be the finished work of art) is the bottom slice of bread, the pastel covered tracing paper is laid face down on top. (you colour is the middle of the sandwich) and your drawing is the top of the sandwich.
Happy Pressing!

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