Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Artistic Resolutions for the New Year

Todays Creative Space, a desk shot.  Do I look like an artist with a very short attention span?
Last years goals were met, not in a big way, but done. I said I wanted to sell art, not just do art, and things are looking up on Etsy. That effort/mandate will continue. Goal setting is a great way to focus, and when you do that, action follows, so now it’s time to refocus.  This years goal is to always make time, a good chunk of time, to make art. Because you can’t make art while you’re marketing, scanning, social networking, or writing blog posts (okay, some blog posts are art, but some are not-this isn’t), and I mean visual art, things that happen with a thing in my hands.  And I also mean art that is primarily expressive, not a product, as art that sells on Etsy can often be the latter.  And even if it isn’t, if I think so, and I’m focussed on selling something, anything, it changes what I do and how I go about it.  So this year I need to always make time for that Art First kind of art.  To do the art that I would do if no one is looking, to do the art that I do when I have no other agenda. 
And it seems that, when I give myself absolutely free reign, I make it small, very small.  It’s pretty clear I gravitate to the miniature art format. So that’s what you see up above--very tiny art. Also, after seeing some of the awesome things people do with polymer clay, I decided to give it a shot, my way.  These prototypes have holes so they can be strung up for display, or worn, and maybe I will, maybe I won’t, but they are not jewellery, because they are not a product, they are little sculptural abstracts, and until they are done, they are nothing but experiments and practices.  And when they are done, that’s when I’ll decide what to do with them.
And I’ll be making more atc’s (aceo’s) for my 365 Art Card Project, because they really are the kind of art I do when no one’s looking. Some of all of this may eventually float up to Etsy, and some to the bin, and some to dark and secret corners where I hoard things.
So there’s my New Years Resolution, or Art Goals for the year—to continue my efforts to sell on Etsy, but always make mental, physical and temporal space for real art, art for arts sake, expressive art, art that has something to say, and art that explores ideas, mediums, methods, colours and thoughts.
Done!  Goal making, that is. I have 364 days of action to get to.
20140102_113435 (1)


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

finding the balance between creating art and doing everything else is hard :/ its the marketing side i should be focusing on :/...

i like seeing you small work, it is usually full of so much movement :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

grrr blogger might have eaten my comment
*kicks blogger*

basically i said i enjoy you small works a lot because they are full of movement :)

kaslkaos said...

Success, blogger re-gurgitated your eaten comment, so I saw "thank you" once, and once again "thank you".


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