Friday, January 10, 2014

A Book Is A Beautiful Thing—the Deep Read

I've been decorating things, book covers, mostly. Well, it all began with Purcey2 (Purse-sized Computer 2nd Edition), because I needed some kind of case, and wanted some time to decide if and what I would buy. So I found a padded brown kraft paper envelope, and black and turquoise sharpie, and did what I often do when I get my fingers wrapped around a sharpie. An abstract ensued, and the turquoise turned into a lovely shade of green. Some packing tape and staples to preserve the work, and I have a nice useable protective tablet case (and oh how I wish they'd been named slates, which would have an ironic but elegant ring to it, as opposed to tablet, which reminds me of medicine and being sick, and gagging on them trying to dry swallow in a pinch, gack). I was so pleased with having a hand decorated bespoke if temporary case (a violet manufactured case is in the mail and on its way as I speak) that I could not resist moving on to other things.
And books came to mind. Now normally, I have library books that I borrow and I don't cover them, they are not mine, but I have a brand new subscription to Fantasy and Science Fiction coming in, and I like to read them in the bath, and I like them to look nice when I'm done with them in case I want to keep them or loan them out, and that's a problem; because in the bath, splashes happen, and fingers are damp. So decor project #2 was a book cover.
IMG_8153  IMG_8154
This time I chose a nice cream file fold to trim and upcycle and a black sharpie and a red sharpie. I had fun, and the words just spilled out, and over and around. Copious use of packing tape will protect from splooshes. I'm on to #3 project, because, coming soon is a subscription to Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, and I figure it needs a more sci-fi specific flare. Which makes me think about how ebooks remain inferior to the paperback, for several reasons. The words may be the same, and reading the words and the worlds and experiences one delves into may be the same (I think so), but there s no replacement for the thing in hand, the object that I can hold and feel, and borrow and loan, and hoard, and shelve and yes, take into the bath with me. Electronics do not like 100% humidity, touch screens hate the damp, so I'll need a book, a plain jane hoard-able disposable bendable lendable paper book. I love books, ebooks included, but I can't make a book cover for an ebook.
This one is a WIP for the much anticipated incoming issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.  Back in the old days, sci fi was mostly written by and marketed to men and boys so I thought I would have some fun with that concept.
Books, real paper hard copy things, are wonderful and fun, and they never ever beep at you at the wrong moment.
On that topic, the Deep Read seems to be a meme on the net.  Now that I have a very functional tablet and wifi I am seeking longer, not shorter articles to read.  I want to be able to stay in one place and absorb what the author has written. Finding such things is harder than I thought, since everything is written for folks with the attention span of a gnat. 
Here’s another read-worthy blog that I know get to enjoy. Julie Zwickefoose is a writer and artist. I got to know both with my subscription to Bird Watchers Digest (which makes one look forward to fetching the mail). 
Julie Zwickefoose’s Blog ; make sure you settle in with your choice of tea or coffee before you drop in. Plenty of lovely words to read.
Do you know of a read-worthy blog to recommend?


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I really want to design a cover for my tablet, i like the black but its just too plain :p
very nice made sleeve :)
slate would have been better, but there are a lot of people that don't realize people use to write on them

i find i am reading a lot more on my e reader, read comics on my tablet since its in colour. i love actual physical books, but it can be hard for me to turn the pages and almost impossible to hold really thick books.

i need more blogs to check out, a lot of the ones i use to read, no longer update :/

kaslkaos said...

Sad about the blogs, I've noticed that too: I find some really good reading, but the post is 2yrs old with no updates. I'm guessing the great google gods didn't deliver the readers and the blogger gave up.
Ereading is great, though sometimes I need wifi off to settle in.
I hope to see you make your own sleeve. I've seen duct tape put to good use.


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