Thursday, January 9, 2014

An Art Day—Journalling & Digital Art+Baby It’s Cold Outside

digital sketch, using android tablet and sketchbook app
From the Journal:
Jan.3, Super crispy extra cold weather, love it. This mornings -24C produced sound effects like the report of gun fire when I walked across the deck. And I heard, for the first time ever, the term "frost quake". I don't think I heard one of those, but apparently the ground itself can expand and contract explosively. Our house was noisy, but I think the earth was silent.
Sketch35214628 digital sketch, using android tablet and sketchbook app (maybe I need a stylus?)
Last night we went for a walk in the woods, we three being me, Randy and Dynamo. Because she can't speak, we put her in a sweater-I have no idea if she got too cold but she was extra frisky. She seemed to enjoy the weather too. At least going in, leaping about and biting snow. I'll admit on the return trip she seemed mostly concerned with going rapidly forward. So maybe she did get cold. But it was a lovely walk, the snow was loud, and in many cases was like a giant soundboard, as we walked across a base of ice over deep loose snow our footsteps translated into a variety of tones, deep and resonant, up and down depending on the density of the snow below the ice. It was interesting to listen to. And we were out of the wind. Walking around the lake would have been brutal, but in the woods, all was sheltered.
Sketch61203728  digital sketch (WIP), using android tablet and sketchbook app
Had a second proper art day, real bum time at my desk, and making miniatures, art for art sake.
IMG_8135 as small as it gets, polymer clay, watercolour pencil
Trying very hard, and unsuccessfully, not to think about a shipment I sent on Dec 13, that did not yet arrive. Impossible not to think about that, although not much I can do until next week when reasonable wait time is up. At least I think 3 weeks is long enough to wait for letter mail. Making art never seems to be about just making art, there's all this other stuff. So this afternoon, I think maybe I'll list some items, add new pictures and learn to use dropbox (a cloud storage site that I thought may be useful), and my then my wifi connection goes down. And that was another fiasco, as I had no idea what my dlink user name is, let alone password. Turns out, I had it all written down in jotted notes, except it took me half an hour to guess which word was the user name, and which password was the password. Thankfully, it all mysteriously righted itself, once I logged in. I have no clue why. And after that distraction, I bought a Purcey2 case, in purple, which mysteriously cost $3.00 less than black, grey or white. A case with sickly looking pale flowers was discounted another $1, so probably purple is less than popular and pale flowers even less so. In order to have it shipped free, I added a book to the mix, the ROM Guide to Ontario Fish. Hoping I will be able to draw some awesome fish with that at my side. So the afternoon was not all that successful art wise, but I did manage to get Foxy posted, and updated pictures of another, then, in an effort to save the afternoon, I thought I'd at least scan my White Running Wolf, but somehow, the connection to the scanner was down. So I gave up, shut down, and cleaned the toilet instead. That was actually fun because my efforts met with reasonable success, and then Randy was home--saved!
PS.  The artwork arrived January 3rd, Yay. Lesson 1) Canada Post Estimates are just that, Estimates. Lesson 2) Christmas mail, expect delays, Lesson 3) there is a reason “please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery” is a common phrase Lesson 4)if I really want a holiday, DO NOT CHECK ETSY MAIL DURING DAYS OFF.  Have now separated my Etsy mail, from my personal mail. I’m a person who needs serious away time.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

if you created that art on your tablet without a stylus, you probably don't need one :)

putting a sweater on Dynamo probably doesn't hurt in those temps :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks. It's the small details that are hard to get, but I use a hand-writing app (graffiti) for input here, so I guess I have the hang of it.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i have a basic stylus for my tablet, bit of a learning curve to it and really if you can change the sizes of the brushes you are using, its sort of pointless to have, use a finger (maybe have one for writing tho)


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