Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Life Drawing Tuesday

Winter Life Drawing has began. Once again, I drag myself away from the warm comforts of home, and enter the frigid interior of an un-warmed car, drive off to the south, fingers freezing, and by the time the heat kicks in, I am there. The Latcham Gallery Life Drawing Club.
I’m putting my oil pastels to work this year, and especially enjoying blending with white, and even priming the paper with white pastel.  Applying pencil or coloured pencil over white or pale pastel gives a rich deep saturated line, as fine or thick as you like it.  The black lines are done in black Prismacolor, my signature is done with yellow oil pastel and graphite pencil.
Life drawing is a great place to try out new techniques and ideas, or to wrap up a bad art day when you can’t think up a thing to draw. So off to life drawing you go, and the model, with her pose decides it all for you.
If only I could stay awake. I was very antisocial, because I wanted to sleep so badly, so I didn’t want to talk or even look at anybody so I could save my energy for drawing. THAT reminded me to start taking my vitamin D and iron again.

Life Drawing Portfolio


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i miss life drawing, didnt get to really do much of it this year since i kept getting sick, but the college is supposed to have a workshop in march so hopefully i go to that

kaslkaos said...

You have had some rotten luck, really hope things get better for you soon. Maybe you'll find a gallery or group that puts on life drawing. I like not having an instructor.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks :)
i have been looking to see if there are any life drawing classes/groups in Dundee, and there are a couple I might go to after the jaw surgery is done and over with


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