Thursday, January 16, 2014

Life Drawing Tuesday

A minimalist approach to figure drawing. I love exploring the interaction of oil pastel and graphite pencil.  Something magical happens when you apply pencil over pastel, and then more pastel over top.  I’m excited as I found that Sennelier has a colourless blend pastel, and I can order it through Curries. That is on my must try list, as so far I have only used white for this technique.

Life Drawing Portfolio

PS. Oops, forgot to postdate this one for next Tuesday. Have an early tuesday treat.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i was confused for a moment, did i sleep the weekend away??:P

really nice drawing :) will have to try oil pastels and graphite together

kaslkaos said...

Um...oops. I was tired. And thanks, and yes do try, it's really neat.


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