Monday, January 13, 2014

More Weather

January 13 2014
I still cannot tear myself away from this damned machine.  I wasted, well, do I want to admit to this, 90 minutes, playing with various widgets. Seriously? Yes, seriously. Especially weather widgets.  What is it about the weather. I only need to stick my nose out the door to get a reasonably accurate forecast.  And I am serious about that. Years of sleeping outdoors on camping trips have honed that skill to an unconscious science.  When every bone in your body can feel the consequences of a drop in pressure, you get pretty good at forecasting things and reading the sky. It actually is not rocket sciences, clouds have shapes and the sky has colour and the air does have a feel that changes day to day and minute to minute.  But I can't get enough of those weather widgets. It is, for instance, 5C degrees outside. I know this, not because I hauled my but out of bed and to the door, but because there is not one, but two tiny little 5C degree symbols hovering at the top of my screen. Because I had to get two weather widgets, just to try things out. Meanwhile, time slips away.  I am very glad I have a keyboard to speed things up.
I am still hunting for readworthy blogs, and stumbled on a few.  If they pan out as good reading, I will share in the days to follow.

Todays weather is warm. I am not a climate change denier. I remember, and am old enough to remember, that winter used to mean months of snow, not rain, fog, freezing rain, snow, ice, more rain, freezing drizzle, ice, and thaw and potholes.  Winters used to be lovely things, like pristine Christmas postcards, everything fresh and white and sparkling. Now winters are dirty, grey, and trampled.  At least road ice has melted down to pavement in the center so I can walk without wiping out.  There is an upside. And the lake has gone all shiny so there is hope, that if and when the weather turns cold again, I may get to skate.
And that's the weather.
Today, I played Edwin, my small guitar (guitalele).  I struggle with guitar, and things never seem better, but Edwin is easier on the hands and sweet in the ear, so I'm not sure why I resist him.  I guess I feel that giving up on a challenge is a failure, but we can't all be diva's.  I should be happy I have ten fingers with which to pluck a tune.  And I am.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I use to be pretty good at knowing when it was about to rain even when it didnt look like it. could feel the pressure drop and know to get inside or get soaked :p can't really do it any more, then again it rains most of the time here :p

hmm i dont even know if i have a weather app on my tablet....

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Can't live without the weather app down here. Especially in April and May!

kaslkaos said...

Michelle: I know you mean that literally.
Jennifer: If it rains all the time, it should be easy. Look up at the sky thoughtfully, pause, then declare, I predict rain in the next 48 hours.


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