Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ottawa-Obama Cookies-and it's good to be home

Jan 26
Home, and glad to be, really. Curled up in my nest, my bed, my pillow, my plants, my cat.  It was a long drive.  We wished for snow, we always wish for snow, but maybe not when we have the long drive from Ottawa to make.  Four hours became six.  401 crawled in Oshawa, the back roads where slow and snowy.  I finished one book and began another. I did not crochet all week long.  I have piles of crochet to wear, there is no hurry for more. It had been so long since reading a good book and now two in a row.  Burning Paradise, by Robert Charles Wilson.  I won't call it his best, but his best is awesome literary speculative character driven scifi perfection, so less than best is pretty darned fantastic best. Thoughtful question, how much is freedom worth, vs peace.  I would have chosen the peace, not the ending given. A good thinking book without easy answers.  His books are always such.
And now Windup Girl, by Paolo Bacigalupi writing an apopcalyptic future of genetic modification ruin.  I ate my my fresh Ontario grown Macintosh apple with great relish and nibbled it down to its crumbling core.  We need to appreciate what we have more.

Back to the hotel, which I did not appreciate and I'm sure it did not appreciate me.  So on Saturday night, I had time and inclination to go back to the pool for a swim.  I brought my book thinking to begin, or end with a hot and bubbly read.  There was a hot tub, or the physical facility thereof, but it was neither hot, nor bubbly. It was silent and icy cold, and there were no hopeful buttons to press to get things going.  So I swam in the caustic water.  Maybe I just am too spoiled by the great lakes, but the pool water burned my eyes so much that I couldn't enjoy the swim though I tried.  Evening was enjoyable, as we had dinner in again.  More cookies, that we learned are called Obama cookies, as these are the cookies that the Obama's bought on their visit to Canada.  I would have declared them heavenly (I did declare them heavenly) without such a pedigree.  It is rare that my mouth waters for a sweet without chocolate.  We also had a two foot long garlic and cheese baguette and two tubs of four flavours of cold salad, couscous, carrots, chickpea and beans with rice.  It was a delicious dinner. Lunch was cantaloupe that survived our fridgeless vacation.  Though that was to be expected, the stone window ledge made an excellent cold room. We finished the cheese too.

Today we finished our last skate for an accumulated total of 78 kilometres this week (Randy did the math).  All stretched out, that is alot of kilometres.  Glorious kilometres. I wish had not felt like a lumbering ox with wood for joints for most of them.  My bruise, or what ever gave me grief, except for today, when it was mostly better, but i still felt less than graceful.  Oh well, I came to skate and skate I did, lots.  This is good.

Yesterday we went to the Museum of Civilization, which it isn't as it is actually now called the Museum of History, although all the signs, brochures and website url still declare it the Museum of Civilization. I kid you not. We say we would like tickets to the Museum of Civilization, and she says, this the Museum of History.  A huge overhead sign declares it the Museum of Civilization. This is Harperesque double-speak at its finest and most disturbing. Indeed' for purely political reasons it has been renamed the Museum of History, but they haven't bothered to change the signs,  but we are supposed to know that and not be confused.
So we did have a good and enlightening time.  The First Peoples floor was astounding, especially before they cluttered it up with  banquet tables. Thank goodness we arrived before the banquet tables, as one can only get a real sense of the scale of the place, the architecture, both of the building and the totem poles and the west coast houses without the awful clutter of  banquet hall furnishings.  I loved looking at all the pre-industrial technology of snow shoes and eyewear and clothing that keeps a person alive above the arctic circle.
Walking to the Museum and back was wonderful too, as we walked a bridge that was closed to traffic, and well maintained and used by pedestrians.   The view was spectacular in both directions, as the Museum is beautiful modern architecture, and the return to Ottawa has an impressive view of Parliament Hill, and then back through Byward Market for the aforementioned Obama cookies.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

ooh that space looks huge!! would love to see that in person

that is a lot of skating! glad you guys got back home ok

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

You had my mouth watering there...
All I can say about the 'Museum of' is - only in Canada!

kaslkaos said...

Jen, shouldn't you be resting? Thanks.
Michelle, I already checked to see if I could mail order those cookies, sadly, nope.
And yep, only in Canada...

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

should be resting, but too much pain so trying to do something to ignore it :/

could maybe make the cookies?


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